i strive to provide every client with . . .

Quality Workmanship

and Attention to Detail.

Services Provided:


on-site furniture repairs

Many touch-ups and repairs can be done on-site. Water rings, scratches, gouges, finish issues, minor repairs, etc. can often be taken care of at your location. Often I may request that you send me photos of the damage by text or email to get a better idea of what is involved to solve the issue. I am also glad to make a visit to your home or office when needed before I do a project.


Often a piece is in a condition that needs to be refinished or in many cases there is a desire for a piece to have a totally new look. In these situations refinishing is needed. Most pieces made within the last 70 years are finished in lacquer. Refinishing in lacquer is a labor intensive process requiring many steps. You have the option of stain finishes or finishes in paint colors. When a paint color is desired you have the option for the grain to show through or not. In some situations other types of finishes may be needed and I am glad to discuss those options. When refinishing pieces we provide an expert level of workmanship and use the finest materials.


Many antiques may require restoration. Often the finish and structure of a piece has suffered due to years & years of use and needs to be brought back to a desirable condition. With antiques I take great care to restore pieces properly so that they can be enjoyed for many more years to come. I have a great appreciation of antiques. For over 13 years my wife and I were owners of Adele Hunt’s European Collectables (an antique shop on Slocum Street in the Dallas Design District in Dallas). I spent approximately one year in England on my forty plus antique buying trips.

in shop repairs

Pieces often need to be brought into the shop to be repaired. Broken legs and backs on chairs, broken legs on tables, and loose joints are just some of the examples. In most cases if a part such as a leg, molding, or carving is beyond repair or is missing a new one can be made. We make repairs properly so that you will continue to enjoy your pieces for years to come.


Sometimes a piece of furniture does not meet the needs of a client. Often dimensions or details need to be modified. One of my clients had an antique bed that needed to accommodate a full size bed. A metal bed frame had been used, but the client wanted to use side rails that would allow for a full size mattress and box spring. I helped design and then build rails that provided a solution for their needs. In another instance a client was moving to a high rise and found that their triple arch bookcase would not fit in the elevator. I was able to make cuts in such a way that it was able to go into the elevator in pieces and be reassembled in their condo not seeing where it was ever taken apart. I am more than glad to take on challenges.

i work with:

  • Interior Designers and those with an appreciation for fine quality furniture

  • Residential and Commercial Clients

i work on the following:

  • Traditional Furniture

  • Antiques

  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture

  • Contemporary Furniture



“We are thrilled with how the side rails turned out! Thank you for everything.  We’d love to work with you in the future!”

Kari Seydewitz, Designer Laguna Beach, CA

“Jill is over the moon with the repair work on the buffett!!! Very excited and relieved about it. Thank you”

David, Dallas